A hand in cast, is the hand most sought

Saturday, April 27, 2013 , 0 Comments

When I was young, my Mother taught me to give or receive things by right hand..  If I receive or take things by my left then I will definitely lose it.  That's how I came to believe my left hand is inferior to my right.  After 40 years I still reach out or receive things only with my right. 

But,  when this useless hand broke 13 days back,  I started to realise it's not useless after all and my left hand performed lots of chores alone or along with my right hand.  Carrying hand bag, doing laundry,  dish washing, sweeping and mopping the floors, unscrewing the lid of the water bottle,  using shift button to scroll or select and assisting right hand in its chores, dressing up, dressing down.

Yeah! only when you lose something temporary or permanent, you realise its importance.  In my opinion, a hand in cast, is the hand most sought.

God bless my left hand and let it heal soon.  'Bass Clef', please wait for me, I know I chided at you so many times, but I realised now it's only that practice makes things perfect and I promise to do it once my left hand is back.


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