A prayer for tonight...

Thursday, April 04, 2013 , , 0 Comments

I just had to whisper for you to hear,
You rushed like wind on fire,
The silent hours, we shared between us,
Those lazy strides with meaningless smiles...

Every song reminded me of you,
Love anew, passion unbridled and true,
Every hour spent quiet, 
A wild song thrumming inside...

Every  touch of yours singeing my insides,
Your breath on my body filling the voids precise,
The trails of kisses you left on me,
Made me weak,  craving to get free.

Your hands on me memorizing every curve,
I let you free,  to roam everywhere,
The passion that burnt us alive,
Made us forget the rules that reigned.

When we woke up at the strike of dawn,
Settled to break few more norms,
Your hands clasping the hands of mine,
My ring gleamed promising better times. 


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