Have you noticed that your dreams are weirder when you are sick?

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When you fall sick and those long hours when you feel drowsy and sleep for hours, your body is in a state of rest, while your mind is erratic and fully functional.  This sleep I would like to term as sick sleep.

This sick sleep, would not refresh you after you wake up.  You keep sleeping the whole day and when you wake up, your throat would be parched, you'd feel sweaty, your back stiff and a blistering headache.  Coffee or food tastes like cardboard.  You feel as if your tongue thickened twice it's original size and words come out in strange tone.

Those long hours you sleep, full of dreams, weird ones at that.  The past two days, I had been on a sleep wake state and had dreams, which got weirder and weirder as hours stretched by.

1st dream:

I am alone at my house and wanting to do laundry, opened my washing machine to find a baby sleeping inside.  I carry her and put her on the floor and she starts to crawl. Slowly one by one, I find half a dozen babies in different places and I bring this huge plate and carry them all and make them sit on this plate.  I call police and complain and when the officer comes home, I hand over the plate to him and when I look at it there are half a dozen Lord Krishna statues sitting on that and I don't even bat a lid, I tell the officer this is what I was talking about and he says in turn, be careful madam.  I will take care of them and let me know if you find more babies. They will by now know that you went to police and it won't be babies next time, grown ups will start coming is my assumption.  Saying that he leaves.  

2nd dream:

I visit to a friend's place and after chatting for sometime, ask my friend's wife if I can use the rest room and she takes me to her kitchen and I find the commode in the place of kitchen sink.  And, as usual I don't even bat a lid... ahem let me stop right there...!

3rd dream:

I go to a second hand book shop and asks the shop keeper for a particular title, he leads me to a rack and I find that the whole rack is stacked with the books I asked for.  I look at them and start searching for the title... 

4th dream:

With my friend, I am at Tanjore to take photos of Thanjai Periya koil.  We park the car near the temple and start walking to the temple.  We walk and walk and walk... I ask my friend, "can you see the temple?". He says, "yes".  The next thing I remember is talking to a pooja item shop keeper.  He tells me, I can take photos but should not use flash.  I agree and handover my camera to him.  We walk inside the temple and I take photographs. Don't ask me, "How?".  Therinja solla maataena? (If only I know...)

5th dream:

My friend is sick terribly,  I pray to god to give me his illness and give good health to him.  Next thing I remember I am lying down on the road on a rope cot and IV injection on my hands and my friend sitting next to me on a chair.  I tell him that I feel like vomiting  he takes a syringe and open the lid on the IV and inject a red medicine inside it.  Then he picks the phone and tell someone, another 10 minutes max.  

6th dream:

My son's 12th result day and Sure checks his no and finds that he got 72 percent and Manoj my friend checks his result and tells me that he had flopped in the exam and after sometime, I go to a browsing centre to check his results and finds that he is the top ranker in his school and when I go to his school, his principal is hoisting national flag and at the end of the national anthem (not jana gana mana, but A.R. Rehman's vande mataram) she gives an orange coloured Parry's toffee and tells everyone that Anirudh is the school topper and he scored 770/1200... If Anirudh gets to know about this, I swear he would kill me.  

I woke up and found as if I walked millions of miles, totally drenched, palpitating and my mom was telling my dad, my fever broke.

And there was one more dream, which I am not going to mention here. A kinky one at that ;)


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