In your dreams, I will slowly peep...

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Sleep now, dear sweets!
In your dreams, I will slowly peep, 
Tip toeing, gentle and light,
Like a breeze, I will follow quiet...

All those scars left behind,

I will kiss and make it fine...
My breath on your body warm and spicy,
My lips seeking yours soft and breezy.

I leave a whisper for you to hear,

Your gentle smile tells me you heard,
I slid next to you, soft and unsure,
A dream we shared waiting to be lured...

As I settled for the dream inside,

I felt a tickle of warmth on my sides...
Your hands snaked around me,
Making its way, seeking with glee...

I heard my heart hammering below,

Your hands traveling, making it tough to slow,
I slowly reminded that it's a dream of kinds,
"To hell with it", you barked and claimed.


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