Happy 19th wedding anniversary Sure and Viji :)

Monday, September 02, 2013 , , , 6 Comments

When things went without a hitch,
When things turned a mean bitch...
You were there behind to hold,
I snuggled and settled to unfold...

We smiled a few tears,
We cried a few smiles,
We held the fights away,
We made up with peace, forcing its stay...

All those years, hours and minutes,
When I look back flew infinite,
We never felt the pressure,
We never felt the strain...

With lots of expectations and some fear,
We tied the knot that late summer,
You helped me, wipe them away without a trace,
When I looked back today, I lost my way.

I had to say this to us,
Years doesn't matter anymore,
I may leave this world one day,
But my dear Sure, I expect a Ji Mahal without delay. :)

Happy Anniversary to Us!


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Kaushal said...

Hope that your strong, sweet & soothing bond of togetherness & its freshness & fragrance continue till eternity. Happy marriage anniversary Viji:)

Viji said...

Thanks kaushal :)

Viji said...
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Happy Wedding Anniversayy Viji. I saw Fb update,,. couldnt find time yesterday..

May God bless both of you...

Viji said...

Thanks loads dear :)

Viji said...

Thanks loads dear :)

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