Moonlight stroll

When the moonlight shone on the trees tonight,
The wind whispered a song so wild...
The breath caught and moaned in pain,
The love forbidden rested deep in my mind..

The song I sung inside my mind,
Slow, taunting echoed through miles...
The passion dance in my song,
Moved my soul into a trance...

Gently I drifted, through those miles,
Sliding through valleys, plains and wild trails...
My thirst for you not quenched,
The hunger remained unspent...

The darkness didn't scare me,
From within, you guided me...
The torch so bright not wavering,
Led the way amidst dark and grey..

There were times, when the mist fell...
The dew hid the view of you,
It made me crave for you more,
And, I held you even closer than before...

This night my eyes refuses to close,
The song inside me is out with force,
Holding out  my arms, for you to come closer...
Held together, we walked those spaces.

Will you sing again for me?
For just my ears to hear your feel...
Will you dance a step with me?
Our souls closer than our midnight spree..


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Love the poem

viji suresh said...

Thanks Savita for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

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