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To commemorate my 200,000 odd page views in my blog, I want to thank all those who stopped by for a brief stop and taking out the time to read some post or other. I also wanted to add another meaningless milestone post.

Trying to pen those jabbing words rushing from with in.

Here are my takes on what I feel is important, frivolous, mundane.

Relationship:  With everyone posting lots on relationships, here are my little somethings. It is the big something that sticks on to little somethings like trust, expectations, love and give away at the slightest disturbance. This big something is exciting, boring, drastic, tiring and take different avtars depends on one's mood.

Friendship: A word that sounds so much fun, easy, crazy camaraderie. But, on actuals it is exciting, boring, drastic, tiring and take different avtars depends on one's mood.

Religion: To create an impression by talking for or against and make one feel puffed up and all important.

God: Something everyone ponders. For the theist "what if he doesn't exist?" and to an atheist, "what if he does exist?"

Nature: The wildest, beautiful, difficult to create by man phenomenon, even a tiniest embryo study when penned down, might result in a book as big as a t-rex.

Sex: An urge thats difficult to contain and easy to release. A taboo word we relish in private.

Science: A mirage of sorts.  An illusion of understanding the reality of existence or lack of it that doesn't change a thing, but flatter our ego.

Arts: The third but invisible eye, an eye that gets open automatic when your practical eyes rest.

Education: An old book of sorts with new wrapper.

Beauty:  An imperfection enhanced.

Quotes: A string of words, that looks important, all assuming and writer's prerogative.

Human: About being one, the softer side of you.

Death: A restful sleep, when you don't bother to get up.

Hell: When life throws brickbats at you.

Heaven: When life throws bouquets at you.

Sickness: When you wake up and feel all weird.

Gratitude:  The overwhelming all encompassing feeling, similar to that I might feel when you when you stop to read this post.


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