Nature walk - a stroll on a sunny morning

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 10 Comments

It was a sunny morning
when I started to walk
on a sandy beach
that glittered hard.
I stepped in, the sand so cool
gently tickled and sucked my toes

the warmth of the sun, enveloped me
wrapped like a blanket, securing me
my eyes glued to the sea
the golden sand and sparkling sea
nature's brush on its magic spree
myriad of colours stroked with glee

life is beautiful, worth indeed
a look at the sea and I forgot my miseries
took a step and sat on my knee
more strokes, more hues,
now the colour a deep silver grey
her bristles had worked with warmth and gay.

A catamaran seen bobbing high,
fishermen hollering and whistling by.
Oh! the sun, the sea, the breeze and the boat,
the sand still crisp under my toe
such a beauty i had never seen
in all the years I had lived between.

a silvery crab, strutting on its leg
a fashion show for his beloved
impressed by the show
she danced across
they looked so happy
as they walked along.

warm breeze blowing by
making the palm sway to its right
gulls started to sing their song
as waves opted to play along
giant waves hiding their small ones
like that of a kangaroo
safeguarding her young ones.

I could feel the waves lapping at my feet
gently dragging and calling to me
I started to converse
with the beautiful sea
her shells and corals
teamed with me

the touch of the wind
the touch of the sun
the touch of the waves
all silky ones
craved for my touch
cared for my heart
soothed my ruffled feelings
strayed my pains off.
nature and I in perfect harmony
as I strolled on a sunny morning....


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ellykay said...

wow, Iloved your poem, i actually came across your blog while looking at randome ones, I will deffinatly be coming back here to read more....bravo!! *claps hands* you are sensational!!

Viji said...

thank you ellykay for your kind comment... do drop in whenever you can :)

Wonderful. i just love this one.

Viji said...

:) vandya

I think it takes a special person to write poems. I enjoyed this piece.
I try to write a few. Enjoy my pix of snow. I grew up where there is no snow, I used to dream about a white christmas. (Refer to your comment to YUCCA)



Viji said...

Thanks Ann...thank you for visiting my blog... I just went to your blog and checked...simply amazing pics... will comment you there..:)

Opaque said...

A fantastic imagery here!!! I am impressed with the level of detailing here!!! Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

I was sort of pleasantly surprised when I cheked my gmail today.. there were so many comments from you... I was thrilled. I rarely receive comments, I never expect one. But Ajey you made my day :) thank you...

I too went to a beach.
But I wore my shoes,
It was a muddy beach.
I didn't feel the sand in my toe.
Like you did.

Glad you got inspired to write this poem,

I enjoyed it.

Opaque said...

@Viji - Well, you might not expect comments or responses, but I believe very good works deserve appreciation, good works require correctional remarks and inspiration.

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