Safe in my harbor

Saturday, January 17, 2009 , 4 Comments

Safe in my harbor
docked with you
felt assured my heart
was safe with you

My turn came to take the crew
time to part from the dock and you...
looked at you sideways
but was forced to steer away.

Thought you would lift your hands
and stop me from sailing by
thought you would rush to me
riding past the rough waves...

Felt your pain as you tried to break away
your agonised look when the ropes didn't give away
you grimaced and I felt the tremor in you
as I took every step away from you.

Not so sure when we would meet again
We would if the storms are kind
I will brave the winds and the storms
to rush to your side as soon as i can...

Wishing for another crew who would
sail you on the same route.
Yet what we could do
except wait and wish.

The wait is inevitable
The wait is frustrating
The wait is intolerable
The wait chokes me...

Wish we're merged on our sides
that way we can move side by side
Be it morning, be it night
life would be fun with you be my side.

sunbathing on a sunny day
fighting the waves on a stormy day
not caring if the sun dries us
or when the rain soaks us
or when the wind tosses us

Together we will stand proud
like a flag at full mast
fluttering with joy
Gulls bellowing by....

Wish we're merged on our sides
that way we can move side by side
Be it morning, be it night
life would be fun with you be my side.


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4 Candles:

Geraldo Maia said...

A beautiful poem!
Poetry may be considered to some people like a food to the soul.
I appreciated poetry but I am not poet.
Regards from Brazil:

Viji said...

Thanks Geraldo for your kind words..encouraging words like yours is what drives me to write more :) keep dropping in...

Opaque said...

I like the reference you have chosen to use to bring across the "love" and/or "relationship" theme. Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

you have the knack of reading poetry:) a bunch of adjectives would do the job while commenting. but a true lover of art and poetry can never stop with one word good or wow, he would say why he liked or not liked the song or poem and who can feel the pain or pleasure behind the lines..
its such a happy moment to realise when someone read your work not for the sake reading but reading it for the love of reading... it makes a whole lot of difference.
a special thanks to you Ajey :) read my other posts too and let me know how you find them.

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