Legs, interests me ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009 , , 10 Comments

Wish we stay this way
next to each other
Stay away from my Ben 10
I will stay away from your Barbie.
That way we can be friends
for another 50 years to come.

Grow up my little girl
What are you poised for
Aiming for a kiss?
Or a life time of fun?

I lay the choice before you
Choose between a kiss or "I DO."
Please be clear
For I want you to be near.

Thank god I found you
I simply crave to walk along with you
I would love to stay forever
in your grasp without fear.
Life is short holds no promise at all
I want to stack memories so fast,
what if one of us doesn't last for long?

One whole round we have come
Still in love as day one.
Here! you hold my Barbie
Let me hold your Ben 10
I trust you with my toy
For another 50 years my boy :)

My lines might sound little immature, tender and may even sound like that of a kid.
To me it sounds more like a forward message :)

PS: should thank you Chriz, copied your style on writing for random images..


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Opaque said...

This isn't immature. You have shown the progression in this love train.

I like the way you've started and then moved onto flashback mode and back to present.

Simple and effective lines delivering the message quite clearly here.

Coming to the title, hmm, it actually conveyed a lot, to me. Energetic legs -> firm legs -> weak legs

Great job Viji!!! Keep them coming!!!

Viji said...

Thanks AJ. happy that you liked it.

In a nutshell:
Energetic legs -> firm legs -> weak legs

sudharm baxi said...

Immature? No Viji not at all..

Each and every description is lovely, at par with the images and feelings. And yes it appears just like a forwarded email, but they are lovely too, sometimes.

Interesting piece for sure..

Viji, being an emotional person, I'm imagining myself passing by all these stages.

Viji said...

@sudharm thank you :)
@vandya i know you :)

Anya said...

i once flushed a barbie doll inside the loo

romantique indeed


Viji said...

@ chriz ha ha... read about that story..I remembered you, when I typed barbie :)

Opaque said...

@Viji - Share with my your e-mail ID. That is, if you do not mind. Cheers!!!

Viji said...

I've mailed you to your msn id Ajey.. my pleasure.

Unknown said...

Romantic,....n am putting myself in every part,....(though shoes/legs are different!!!!)

Very emotional....!!!


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