D.K. Pattammal - An elegy

Thursday, July 16, 2009 , 6 Comments

D.K. Pattammal popularly called DKP "is a traditionalist but not one who has been bound by it. Not in her life nor in her music."

She completed 90 few months back, you can find my article on her here: link

My innocent scribblings on her: An Elegy to DKP

A smile that won thousands of hearts

A voice that mesmerised young and old

Behold no tears should flow

She lived her life full and whole.

Nine decades she took her stroll

Today she walked the stretch little too far

She turned, but the earth was down

Decided to rest and stroll around.

She will keep the god

tied to her songs

woo her magic

with her rythymic songs.

The brazen voice

echoed in our ears

year after year

not a shiver or a tremor

Life was hers to behold.

Long live the goddess of music!

Long live her songs!

Long live her passion for music!

Long live her goals all along!


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6 Candles:

Opaque said...

Serves more like a song than a poem to me.

Viji said...

hey yes yes, it sounds like a song :)

Anonymous said...

i know dkp... pudhusaa irundhuchu.. long time :)

Viji said...

yeah long time... missed ur comments chriz... had to drag you literally umphh!

Anonymous said...

May her sole rest in peace...!!!
nice post viji...!!!

Viji said...

thanks sundar :) another insomniac like me...

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