In vain, I thought....

Monday, October 19, 2009 , 10 Comments

May be i shouldn't have stressed you
To tell me the truth
May be it was a mistake
When i asked you if it's true?

Still dumbfound; not able to grasp
In a daze not knowing how to react.
A tear trailing down my cheeks,
My throat clogged with the rest.

Head lowered, listened to every word
How those words hammered down my chest
For a moment, wished i was dead
to save myself from hearing the rest.

I will have to wake up to the truth
Even if it rips my heart in to two.
Its time to pick the pieces
Hoping for a better future.


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Anonymous said...

Your words very heart-felt.

Shadow said...

it may hurt, but honesty's always better...

Viji said...

Thank you SarahA for visiting my spot :)

Viji said...

i perfectly agree Shadow... it hurts like hell but yes it's better this way.

Opaque said...

Yes, it is better to be honest, although it hurts! Nicely written!

Viji said...

thank you Ajey

I dont know what to comment. I have read it for 3 days again & again. Still dumb as to what to say.

Lines are intense and painful.

Take Care

Viji said...

don't feel bad, Deva.. it happens to everyone... but yes once you cross that phase you turn little wiser. And it's just one side of the story. My side. I soon realised how selfish I was and it takes two to create a problem and it again takes two to unknot them with more care and lots of patience but once done am assured love would flow with renewed zest.

Unknown said...

viji, sis..this poem touches..i have always told myself and others, i'd rather be unhappy with the truth than be happy with lies..but then again...:)

Viji said...

I ve been callin u ria... guess i'm wrong... rina, I'm honoured that you left a comment in my blog. I remember one of our earlier conversations. I am very happy that you visited my spot. Thanks sista...exactly!

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