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Hope you had a fun filled New Year day...

I am not sure about you guys, but my new year started with fun and ended funnier... Two great things happened during this period.

First great thing:

Every year in our office, there will be a photo shoot in which the employees were chosen to model for our Calendars, greetings, hoardings, and posters.  This time I was one among the chosen few to pose.

The photo shoot was fun in caps,  the person whom I admire a lot, who used to work for us and who recently started his own company was the person who ran the photoshoot.  He has a great sense of  humour and he coaxed us to laugh our heart out.  The result was way too good, and when the new year greeting and our calendar came, I just couldn't believe the way I looked in them. The theme was "team spirit". Linked hands and holding shoulders were mandatory. That way I had the chance to hold the shoulder or a hand of handsome dudes and got photographed.

Kanchana a good friend and also my relative (Sure's cousin's wife) is my colleague and we were in several photos together. Partners in crime.  That way I can always show Kanchan's photo and escape Sure's wrath. A memorable day filled with laughter.  Our pride; Photographer's nightmare. While taking a picture of a group, everyone has to laugh at the same time.  I never realised the difficulty till I saw some of the pics, where one person would contemplate on whether to smile or not, while other laugh and other close his eyes and spread his wings to his dream world, while another stifle a yawn. Another picture will be clicked, where the guy who closed the eye will give a bright smile and the girl who gave the bright smile will go for a constipation smile (pardon my french) vice versa.

Finally it was done and we went our ways.  During the last week of December, I happened to see the greeting card and I was happy to see myself there minus spectacles.  WOW! "Viji you look good", I told myself.

I was smug and when people queued up, to pay me compliments. Wanted to list out a few of them for you guys.
  • Hey is that you in the calendar?
  • Wow! you look very young in that... How did you manage to look that way?
  • Trust me! you look amazing, you look 10 years younger...
  • Can't recognize you at all.
  • Photoshop wonder!
  • you look grand! who was the makeup man?
Not knowing how to react, I grinned and I joked and felt like a fool...clueless whether to feel happy about it or not.

And yes, for the second great thing, check my next post.


Have a wonderful year ahead guys!


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Opaque said...

Seems like you had fun! Happy New Year to you too!

Shivsu said...

For the benefit of all your blog followers, I request you to post that timeless portrait of yours...!

Shiv got it right, Viji :) But only doubt is whether it is timeless portrait or aged portrait :P

somtimes, its difficult to admit...

yes girl, You were really good(jealoussssssss). Looking really young and vibrant

Difficult part is, we have to see you & Kiran daily, first thing in the morning, for 1 year.

God save me :-)

Viji said...

thanks ajey, shiv..

@ kiran.. no thanks to you :(

I didn't want to post the photographs here. but now you said this maybe I should.. :P

@ devs consider yourself lucky devs.. kiran looks dashing and viji looks gorgeous and devs is jealous (your words not mine)..hugs!

ohh....thats gr8....congrats it in FB

Viji said...

:) sure will do that...

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