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Have you ever felt tears rushing to your eyes, when you look at the white board marked with zig zag statistics in black, blue and red markers?

It happened to me yesterday. I along with my team are relocating from our corporate office at city to our Global innovation center located at Siruseri. (little far away from the city.)

I had been with my current organization for the past 5 years and got emotionally attached to our work place. When Men think with their brains, women has the tendency to think with their hearts too. That's the reason we bear with men's restlessness and impatience and wait for miracles to happen.

My city office is located in the heart of city and carries "Google" atmosphere (roaches, rats, termites, we even had a Dog, who was called Mani, a fat ole Dog, who died of over eating).  There's our neighbour's kid who saunters in as if she owns the place (She charms our security, and you can find her with guest access card around her neck, all the time) and all of us stop to work for few minutes and lift the child and listen to her, lisping our names . We don't really mind, if our chair's arm-rest looks as if it was chewed by a rat (sorry! there's no "as if" to it) .

It's within the reach of our homes and in case of emergencies we can commute easily. My son's school is just a "a stone's throw away", from our office and is handy when

1. My son has a wheezing attack
2. If he picks a fight with his fellow classmates and I am summoned to the principal's office. Here, I am forced to hear one long hour of advice/sermon, while my son and his classmates, who were rolling on the floor fighting sometime back, stood at the office, with their hands folded at their backs, stifling their giggles. I wonder, why the hell was I given this advice, when it was the kids who were at fault. My only thought would be, when the sermon would be over and I can get back to my office and resume work. People call me workaholic.
3. Wonder never ceases to exist, when I was called by his games teacher to meet him as he wore a white sport shoe instead of the white canvas shoe. (Whenever I try to set him straight, he always comes up with new mistakes and I should say I've lost count)
4. When he has a fight with his Van driver in the morning, he makes sure to hide himself in the library and misses the van and calls me to pick him from his School.

As, I list Ani's tantrums, I now realise, why his principal adviced parents.  It is simple, Kids don't pay heed to them and they don't give a damn to us too.  Instead of we going and blaming the school, they take the lead. That's a wonderful business tactics ain't it? May be I should take a lesson or two from them. I want to add one thing here, Ani got a distinction this time and I don't have a clue, when he studies.  All the time he is in his Facebook or watching Naruto....(No thanks to you, MANOJ! I heard from Ani that you were the one, who told him, that every Thursday a new episode gets released and gave him the link where it can be viewed.)

Now when I think aloud, those "tears rushing" to my eyes, should have been the "Tears of happiness". No more meetings with his Principal or his secretary or his class teacher. Maybe, if I am not available, Ani will behave in a responsible way.  But I've heard the same story, from most of my friends, who has a teenage kid and my Facebook has so many sob stories, I have started to feel that Ani is an angel.  Atleast he does not call me to settle his differences with his girl friend. So far, so Good.  He has loads of friends in his Facebook account. He gets weird invitations and I got one such invite and the content went like this! "Aunty, please accept my friend request. I am An's (short form for Ani, I assume) friend and I am the only person who calls him An." I had to accept, coz I don't want to be in her bad books.  What if she becomes my daughter-in-law one day?

I want to add one more thing we enjoyed in our office.  There is one Chai wala (a vendor who travels on his tricycle and sells us Tea, Coffee and goodies). Let me describe him. He is a Muslim, we call him "Tea Thatha" ( "thatha" means grandpa in Tamil). A wonderful man, with the sweetest smile, I had ever seen.  He remembers our name, even if one person is missing, he will ask after that one. There is one huge Aluminium box atop the tricycle, where he has all the supplies, even those which you can't find in a super market. He has everything under the Sun, you ask him something, he will never say "No". He will whisk it from inside and present it with a flourish. Even if he doesn't have it, he will give you something else and who can say "No" to that charmer. Guys love him too, as they get Cigarettes and I have heard that Cigarettes tastes like "Sin", with a cup of Coffee or Tea. "Oh! damn" tears again. I will miss my "Tea thatha", who fondly calls me "Viji madam".  He refused to take money yesterday, said it is his treat.

Yeshwa, our security is a god father to all of us.  He filters every visitor and saves lots of our time.  He joins during our lunch hour and had never asked for a loan. I would miss Yeshwa, who also couples as my secretary. Sure loves to have a chat with him, whenever he visits my office to pick me and that is almost every day.

Yeah, last but not least Sure, who patiently waits at the gate of my office to pick me everyday.  It will so happen, the moment he texts me "Come", I will receive a call and it goes for an hour.  More than me he will miss that chat with Yeshwa. And, I would miss those monosyllabic text messages like "time" ("What time should I come?"), "Come" ("Come out" ), "Fast" ("Come fast") and missed calls from him.

My friends and fellow colleagues at my city office, we won't miss each other much because they frequently travel to Siruseri.

Hope you guys feel bad about our relocation too...No, No! TRANSPLANT, it's as if we are forcibly being rooted out, as you are forced to read this article of mine.  Kudos! to your patience and Kudos! to me for the most disoriented and emotion packed melodramatic write up :)

All said and done, I am looking forward for my first day at our main office and that is Monday, as there are loads of handsome hunks sitting over there and walking the corridors :D

I just can't wait for Monday! Wish me guys! Hope I still have my charm intact!


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Viji said...

he he... thanks Ajey..i appreciate your wishes :)

Harsha said...

enna kodumai sir idhu.. indha aniyayathe thatti kekka inge yaarume illaya??? i wish u had put the last two paras at the top..

Madamji...enna ippadi oru sentiment post!!!
Any ways all te very best!!! wish you to TCS's siruseri!!!!

;) ;) ;)

Prabodh said...

Welcome to the Island ...

Viji said...

@harsha you are bad :|

@Sundar unnoda TCS mela evlo paasam :) I hate the distance :(

@prabodh It is an island with all my friends intact :) that's the best part.

Shivsu said...

Does Women's "tendency to think with their hearts too" (as illustrated in paragraph 3) imply that, even after years of marriage, Women can never get bored with their husbands? (Or better get more emotionally attached to them with the growing years?!?)

Men's restlessness and impatience.... Bah!

And what kind of 'miracles' are you (second person feminine plural) pining for exactly?!?

enna kodumai sir idhu.. indha aniyayathe thatti kekka inge yaarume illaya???

Harsha..naan irrukaen..

No more going back to home in 10 us spend 1 hour in mornings and 1 in evening in bus..

Enjoy.. Welcome to Siruseri

like the facebook out, who knows what future bahu you will be blessed with.

Viji said...

Shiv, I was waiting for you to pick on those sentences. You did not disappoint me.
Women in general don't easily give up. They don't get bored with their husbands(but did I mention the word Husband anywhere in my post?) after long years of marriage(are we talking about me?)and yes they do get emotionally attached to their spouses, while the more you try to get close, the more they draw away form you. "Suffocating" is the word they use in general.

Men feel crowded often and they are those who use the words, "I need some space", "I need my freedom".

By "miracles" we expect that
1. After our day long slogging, they would share the house hold chores.
2. We expect that atleast once in a year, allow us to take a weekend off go out for a vacation, while they take care of the kids

I (as in first person singular) don't have much problems, coz I don't force my husband to do something he is not keen on doing and even if i feel or need some reassurance, i don't give it out.

Viji said...

Devasenaaaa :( bad girl

Viji said...

devs :( I am planning to use this 2 hours journey as an advantage and treat myself with a poetry collection, which i had been longing to buy for some time now. may be i will buy the book tomorrow.

Shivsu said...

I'm sure you love to beat about the bush (no pun intended), but I'm afraid you haven't quite answered my question.

And I thoroughly disapprove of your opinion that men are restless and impatient (let alone women having to bear with those 'manly' qualities). Of course, you have all the earthly right to believe what you want to believe, but I might suggest that, when you make a public statement, you do so with (some) prudence.

No, I have nothing personal against you!

(If you are a woman-in-general who doesn't give up easily, answer my question which I now put in simpler terms:

From paragraph 3 (and your reply to my earlier question) you say:

"I had been 'X' for the past 5 years and got emotionally attached to 'X'. This is because I am a woman, and not a man who is always restless and impatient (and craves for space and hates to be suffocated with a woman's love), and hence I don't just think with my brains (like a man) but also think with my heart (unlike a man)."

In your case 'X' is your workplace, my question is:

Is there a constraint on what can be replaced with 'X'. If "working at my workplace" can be substituted for 'X', can "smoking weeds", "growing fat" or "wearing the same gold necklace my man had bought me for my birthday without craving for another necklace" be substituted too? Why?)

Viji said...

Shiv, I don't know what you are arriving talk well, you write well, you argue well. I steer away from arguments, as you very well know. yep, i agree that i cannot state my points in bulleted fashion like you.
but i listed what i feel about relationships and i feel i have more experience than you in relationships. I had felt the hurt of rejection at times and i know the pain of it firsthand. That's what I meant when i said, "wait for miracles to happen".
and to answer you question:
No, "smoking weeds", "growing fat" i will definitely will not get emotionally attached to. I know it is a habit that could make me face my grave soon than intended.
But, "wearing the same gold necklace my man had bought me for my birthday without craving for another necklace" i will definitely cherish the 5 year old necklace and won't crave for another. It definitely can be applied to majority of women.
And Shiv, refuse as much as you want but majority of men or impatient and restless...
And there can be few odd people in both the sides and I'm not counting them.

Viji said...

shiv... forgive me for the typos and they are not intended and came with a flow, if I had used "or" for "are" it was not intentional.

Viji said...

shiv... forgive me for the typos and they are not intended and came with a flow, if I had used "or" for "are" it was not intentional.

Shivsu said...

You were both "waiting for me to pick on those sentences" and "don't know where I'm arriving at"...?!?


kavitha said...

Viji, finally I am able to start leaving comments on your blog.

I am a regular follower of all your articles. This was an excellent article! Humourous at the same time your heartfelt feelings of leaving Mandaveli and your anxiety of working in the new place comes out well.. Overall I really enjoyed this post.

In fact, I like your humourous posts a lot .. (especially articles like How Ravi Shastri lost to Suresh, Office Photo Shoot, facing the music etc). They are excellent light reads. Looking forward to more articles of such a nature also from you.

Viji said...

thanks Kavitha :) you made my day! will sure come up with such articles :)

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