Epilogue - Manoj and Yamuna's wedding

Thursday, December 09, 2010 , , 5 Comments

I called this play of mine and labelled it as a Tamil wedding.  I started it as a play and wanted to write it as a light hearted humorous play, while it became a traditional and emotional one. Can't help it! I love weddings and everytime I attend a wedding, I end up with tears in my eyes.

Disclaimer:  Everything stated in this play is truth and truth only.  In case if you have any doubts in this, you can drop in to "My best friend's wedding" in Guruvayoor and yes, it's going to happen in a Tamil Brahmin way and yeah! you can witness the Scene 9 too.

Just wondering, where he starts and where she ends? Don't they look like a glued pieces from a jigsaw???? I can't love them enough! God bless!

Manoj and Yamuna are getting wedded,
This December 12th with pomp and grace...

The day has come, as it stands in good stead,
Let's witness their joy and tranced state.

Let's toast for their health and happiness,
Let's cheer for their unlimited fun...

Let's cry a little when they tie the knot,
Let's smile when they fumble for words...

Man and Wife and smiles all the while...
I couldn't be happier, they are friends for life...

Wishing them more happiness,
Wishing them more fun.

Wishing them loads of sunshine,
Wishing them cold nights...

If love can be measured
with a yard stick or tape,
I would say theirs would
make the tape fade...

Let's chill out at Kerala
For Breakfast, lunch and Dinner,
Hop in in the next train, and I promise,
Manoj, will meet you at the train...

His Invite for you:


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Priya... said...

@viji : wow! lovely post from a one lovely person to another... :)

@Manu & Yamuna :
guys, wishing you loads of happiness, health, wealth and all best things in the world... :)

so sweet and lovely. I knew it was in december, but i never knew it was tomorow. Not being in office, i miss out most of the things.

God bless them both..

Anonymous said...

I wish Manoj and Yamuna, all the best in their life together.

Viji said...

@pri :) we had fun didn't we? Thanks a load for the mehendi, my hands never looked this pretty :)
@devs we missed you :(
@krishnan :) wishing them a blessed, wicked n rocking life too

Unknown said...

@viji thanks for the wonderful post and poem...

@devasena...too bad that you missed out on this one...sent u a mail but guess you didnt get it..maybe next time that i get married :p

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