Night that followed the second day

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Kavya took leave and slept the whole day off.  It was two in the afternoon when she woke up.

She wanted to blot the events happened the day before, but it kept coming back to her.  She felt the weight of the cycle and the boy, as she hit him and the force at which the boy was thrown away.  She remembered the boy's face clearly. Thin intelligent face and he was wearing spectacles.  

"What if something had happened to him?", "What if something happens to him now?".  These were the questions constantly playing on her mind.  She wanted to make sure he was alright.

The bell rang and she opened the door to find Abhi standing there.  She invited him in.  

They sat in silence drinking coffee.  

Kavya broke the silence and asked Abhi, "How is the boy? any idea?"

"No, Sam was talking to them and I know that he is admitted in that private hospital in Marshall's Road." replied Abhi.

"I want to see him, Abhi.  I want to make sure that he is alright, I doubt I will be able to rest till I see him and find him fine. I took two sleeping pills this morning, this is haunting me."

She couldn't control herself and started to sob.  Abhi talked to her gently, reassuring her and when the tears didn't stop, he put his arms on her shoulders and held her and slowly combed her hair.

Kavi he called her and when she looked at him, he couldn't help but lower his head.  He kept calling her name, "Kavi... Kavi... damn! I love you like hell...", he said finally, bent and kissed her.

Sam couldn't concentrate in his work as he was continuously interrupted by calls.  The calls were from the hospital, the boy's dad called him 3 to 4 times. Sam kept talking to him, telling him that everything will be alright and it's only matter of days before the boy will be back to normalcy.

The boy first had problem in breathing and then vomited.  Five minutes before he again got a frantic call from the boy's dad... "Sanjay is having seizures, twice in the past half an hour and the neurologist told me that he administered a powerful medication and if he still have problems then a surgery might be required."

Sam called home. He wanted to talk to Kavya.  Six rings... Seventh ring.....

Kavya heard the distant ring of a telephone and straightened herself.  She picked the phone and said "Hello" in a feeble voice.

Sam asked if she was sleeping, did he disturb her?  She said, "No".

"How is the boy, I don't even know his name" said Kavya.

Sam said, "His name is Sanjay and he is ok."

"Anything else?  I want to sleep for a while, I am feeling tired", Kavya told him.  

"That's fine baby, sleep now... see you in the evening" told Sam.

Kavya's lips twisted wryly.

Sam stared at his phone, he felt something was wrong with Kavya, it's not like her to cut a conversation short.  He decided to take the day off and go home.  When he was about to enter his boss's room, the phone rang again.  It was from the hospital and the doctor told Sam that the boy died.

Kavya lying down on the bed, staring at the ceiling fan and wondered, "What next?" 

- to be continued


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vidu said...

please release the second night soon Viji. No patience to wait.

Viji said...

this is second night my dear... next part is third day :) will post it soon...

Priya... said...

This is getting interesting, keep them coming! [:Thumbs up:]

Viji said...

thanks pri :)

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