Music in the silence of your smile...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 , 7 Comments

Music in the silence of your smile
Harmony as your eyes alite,
My heart beat as your music unfold,
The soul dances for your story untold.

Sing your song, singeing my veins and thaw,
Play!  play! lasting for an eternity strong.
Play during dawn, play till dusk,
Drive away the Sadness, sorrow in check.

Any heart would want a reason to live,
You sing and my heart take a flip.
I have a wish, to hear you sing,
Eyes hooked and raised to plunge.


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Unknown said...

Very nice one Viji..

Viji said...

thanks bharu :)

different and nice Viji

Sing your song, singing my veins and thaw,Play! play! lasting for an eternity strong.

really gud one

i liked this one :) - Mona

Viji said...

@devs thanks :)
@mona thanks for the read :) come back for more posts...

Shivsu said...

Since you asked, here's the first paragraph, "musically altered"!!!

Music in the brilliance in your eyes
Harmony in the silence of your smile
My heart beats to your music as it unfolds
My soul pleads unto hear your story untold


Viji said...

beaut :)pls do it for other stanzas too...btw when am I going to hear you sing this song?

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