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Act 1
Scene 2

Prad's monologue: A gamer is born not formed.  He starts playing when he is inside his mother's womb, kicking, shooting rasberry bubbles and trapping the bacterias, twisting the umblical cord, somesaults... A hardcore gamer, spend 9 hours playing games, 12 hours of making games and sleep and eat if required. I drink, eat and sleep Skyrim now. Did you say girls? they are nothing but distractions... distractions and distraction is something, I cannot afford to have now.
Singing: "Skyrim" here I come.

Vipra: Aunty is Prad home?
Prad's mom: Hi Vipra... yes he is, asusual at his den, playing games. We gave him a good name.  Why you guys call Pradeep as Prad is beyond me.
Vipra: Hee Hee... it's because he wants to be called that way. Let me go and say a Hi to him.
(Vipra enters Prad's room - den as he fondly calls his room)
Vipra: Prad
Prad: hmmmm
Vipra: (Louder) Prad?
Prad: hmmmm
Vipra:(Screams) Prad?
Prad: Yeah! temme...
Vipra: I came here all the way to see you and you can't even take your eyes of monitor for a second.
Prad: (smiling) I didn't invite you, if I could remember. You invited yourself.  Listen! give me 10 minute, will finish this level and then we can talk as much as you want.
Vipra: OK... 10 minutes then
Prad:  (After 8 minutes) Done. Tell me, howz life?
Vipra: So far so good... How was your day?
Prad: As usual, exciting...
Vipra: At times, I hate you for being so disgustingly cheerful and excited
Prad: It's because, I love what I do and you don't and you crib a lot, you know these days... especially past few weeks it has become a practice.
Vipra: I know that and am sorry. Won't do it again.
Prad: Don't say sorry dear.  Didn't mean to be harsh.  But, I would be happy if you are happy.  After all you are the only friend I have and with whom I can share about anything.
Vipra: So, any new girl friends?
Prad: No time for that.  But, met an interesting girl last week at a mall and we are messaging each other.
Vipra: Oh! ok. Fine. Time for me to leave.
Prad: (Disappointed) Oh! why? thought you will be staying for an hour atleast. You upset about something? Did I say something to upset you?
Vipra: (laughing) Nah! that tiny jealousy reared its ugly head... Got little jealous, when you mentioned about the girl. This girl does she have a name? How does she look? Is she connected to you in FB?
Prad: The one I met last week at the mall? Her name is Sheerine.
Vipra: A muslim?
Prad: Yeah! any problem?
Vipra: No absolutely not... You are connected to her in FB.  I remember her name.  The girl with dark lovely eyes and beautiful hair.
Prad: She looked ok. Didn't pay attention to her eyes or hair...
Vipra: I don't understand this. Are you really as flippant as you react or is that a donned reaction?
Prad: Uh! sorry.. I don't get you.
Vipra: No. You are too casual about this woman.  That's why.  Guess any guy would give his eye teeth, to have a girl friend like her.
Prad: I am not any guy. Am Prad.
Vipra: So?
Prad: My eye teeth is important to me.
Vipra: Ha ha... you are too good... Prad, will you still be the same to me, if you find your girl.
Prad: Now you are confusing me... By "same" you mean friends.  If so, why would that change?
Vipra: hmmm. k... got to go.. See you... and...
Prad: And???
Vipra: You have a lopsided grin...
Prad: ahem! uh???
Prad stood before the mirror smiling, grinning and laughed and finally googled the word lopsided...


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Namita said...

Coming out well Viji..! Nice portrayal of characters.. Waiting to read more!

Viji said...

thanks nami... won't make you wait for long...

Harsha said...

still reserving my comments for the end.. (or if something itching pops up)..

Viji said...

ok ok harsha.... am patient...

Unknown said...

Skyrim...that hits a bit close to home...but you got Prad hands down..wating for the next scene for this two

Viji said...

why manoj! thanks a bunch... hit close uh? let it let it :)

too early to comment.. lets see what they are upto..

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