Rain dance

Thursday, July 11, 2013 , , , , , 5 Comments

I heard you quite clear, through the dark curtains,
Through the windows slamming,
Through the storm, thunder and whistling winds,
I heard you quite clear whispering my name...

I stepped down those stairs,
The wooden steps creaking your name,
I stepped on the rug,
Soft and firm like your hold...

Stepped out in the rain,
Hands stretched, drenched,
The fat rain drops, dropped unguarded,
Eyes closed, I rain danced...

Music surrounded the insides of me,
I danced slow, soul free,
Your whisper, I heard quite clear,
This time very near to my ear...

Will you leave, if I open my eyes?
Will you stay, if I promise not to sway?
Will you hold me, the way rain clings to me?
Will you kiss me, hard, deep, fierce and free?


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Unknown said...

Very good poem

Anonymous said...

sounds Painful Viji..

as you read it.. you can feel the pain.. very nice

I love the whole way it is presented..

lady walking down brimming with desire, pain and longing
eyes closed.. glistening rain drops..


Hello Viji!

I really love your illustrate of the rain dance. Also, poem too.

If you don't mind I'd like to use your illustrate for my own blog.

Thank you,


Viji said...

Hello Anri,

Thanks for stopping by. It comes from a stock image.. not mine. As far as I could check, it was free stock image.. low defined.

I think you can use it too. It's not mine.


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