A one-act play - A Tamil Wedding

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My first attempt in writing an one-act play.  Been a long dream, but was contemplating if I would do justice to this genre of plays.
Reading this would require some time and lots of patience and please feel free to leave your criticisms. I really value them and definitely take it as pointers, when I write my next play.
The scenes are set in a Tamil Brahmin (Iyer or Iyengar) weddings, with thousands of invited guests, who make their presence felt by chatting non stop on anything and everything. Even Wiki is not as informative as our aunts and uncles of our weddings. They don't care, if they know a thing or not, they concoct lies, which are more realistic and colourful than the truth.

One day in one such wedding... Should I call it farce or clean humour? You be the judge and decide!

Siddarth, The bridegroom
Swetha, The bride
Geetha, Swetha's Mom
Mohan, Swetha's Dad
Praveen, Swetha's Brother
Venu, Sidd's Dad
Sripriya, Sidd's Mom
Harini, Sidd's Sister
Steve, Sidd's American friend
Aunt, Anonymous, unanimous and omnipresent (No need to wonder.. they are two a penny in every wedding of ours. They drift in, rule and disappear.. their authority is unquestionable and can't be avoided.)
Kitta Mama, Chief Purohit
Viswanatha Iyer, Chief Chef


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where else??? namma good old google thaan...

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